Why did we come up with this campaign?

The goal with the Spotnik mascot is to tell the world that drones can do good and to get the privacy discussion going. In a future, where the air is full of drones, who takes responsibility for people's privacy? How does this differ from google streetview? Also, we like to tell people that it's technically possible to do this. To come with a droning bus full of servers to anybody's house and create a 3D print of the place. In reality the processing will take a bit more time but it is practically doable and Spotscale have a great passion for it. Of course you might ask how these products are relevant to you, and normally we don’t come to peoples private homes but rather help real estate developers and architects with excellent models to visualize their projects.

Why is the drone future interesting to us?

We love to tell you more about how we operate and discuss the possibilities and challenges in our technology and business. We happen to be in Sweden, where drone regulations have been very liberal for many years. Thus Sweden has been a great playground for us where we have been developing technology and methods for capturing buildings from a close distance and use advanced algorithms to get the best quality 3D. Of course, we hope that this will be reality in all countries and that the common understanding will be that drone data is much more useful and valuable than it is dangerous for your privacy.

What can we offer?

We'd love to talk to you to answer whatever questions you might have around the technology, the mascot or the future of drones flying close to buildings. We also have much more materials around these campaign clips that we'd like to share. There is more uncut film materials and also amusing behind the scenes-images available on request. In addition, if you don't find all of the hidden references in our films, we can share one or two secrets :).

Reach out!

Ludvig Emgard is happy to talk to you directly and send over stuff like images or previous press-releases. Call him directly at +46 705 877 986 or send an e-mail at firstname.lastname@spotscale.com

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